Corona, Olive Oil and Christian Hope

I remember once visiting the local library of the town I used to live, in Buckinghamshire, England. I was curious to see the new library that had moved to a newly built shopping centre. I walked across the entrance hall and proceeded to the lifts. It was the beginning of summer and sunny, which inContinue reading “Corona, Olive Oil and Christian Hope”

The Darkest Darkness

How does a missionary (person) get back to the centre? How and why do we sometimes lose sight of God, even when we are meant to be the people closest to him? How can we get so far away from him, that we lose sight of ourselves, our purpose and the first love which compelledContinue reading “The Darkest Darkness”

You are important… All because of Grace!

There are a few things that we take for granted. For most of us, although life, in general, is never easy and each of us faces challenges, growing up involved love and encouragement. A few of us may have had bad experiences, but most would say they had people who loved and cared for themContinue reading “You are important… All because of Grace!”

I met Jesus today. His name is Rodrigo.​

Fear is part of life in Brazil. People are always looking over their shoulders. When a set of traffic lights goes red, your car will inevitably be approached by someone begging, selling or offering something. When eating out, it is common for famished beggars to approach your table, rudely bursting our middle-class bubbles. Sometimes though,Continue reading “I met Jesus today. His name is Rodrigo.​”

God’s timing is perfect!

Last year when we were selected for training as Mission Partners with Church Mission Society we embarked on the most challenging and exciting adventure of our lives this far. We had been in ministry for a few years and had experienced God’s provision in many ways. However, the challenge to leave everything to start a newContinue reading “God’s timing is perfect!”