Plan AAA Starts

Plan AAA starts now…

This last Sunday (23/04), we were prayed for by our friends at St Andrew’s Church. It was an emotional time for us, but we felt so loved by everyone. It was a sweet time together over lunch after the morning services. At the end, someone said to us: “There is No Plan B, but there is Plan AAA (triple A)… Access All Areas!” Indeed we would like God to have access to all areas of our lives, so that we too can experience ALL the things he has in store for us in Brazil!

Nicolas had his first day ay his new school on Tuesday. He was so excited he could hardly sleep the night before. As a Christian school they start each day with prayers, and the parents are also invited to a prayer meeting on Tuesdays. We plan on getting to know a few people and to encourage Nicolas to make the most of his time at Emmanuel.

We have moved into House 244!
After many days of packing and letting go, we have arrived in Oxford with our hearts are full of excitement for the weeks to come. Training has started and this week has consisted of many meetings and inductions and  tomorrow we will be shown around Oxford city centre.
We keep looking at each other in complete amazement at what God has done to get us here!
However, to get here we faced many battles in the last days in Wycombe. From health problems relating to Debora’s C-section, to kids getting sick and being taken to A&E, to our bank account being targeted by fraudsters! Through everything we kept reminding ourselves of the fact that God is victor and that we are safe in His hands. We fool ourselves if we think the enemy will stay quiet when we respond to a call of God on our lives… and although it is frustrating at times, we must press on! The prize is worth the cost!
Please pray for:

  • Good health
  • Levi to successfully complete his Master’s Course
  • Debora to cope well with the new routine
  • Nicolas and Olivia to continue to thrive
  • God to be the focus (we can easily get distracted by the transition and lose sight of why we are going).
  • Thank God with us for his provision. We have now reached 80% of our required funds!

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